10 Gratitudes to End the Day

I am only writing because I said I would, not because I want to…this is a choice to align my actions with my intentions.

Ten reasons I am grateful:

  1. I ran outdoors for almost an hour as the sun was setting and then took a wonderful 75 minute yoga class.

  2. I secured my first LA based copywriting client today. Amazing manifestation story I will share at another time!

  3. I submitted the first draft of a blog post for a NY based copywriting client. Grateful for the work.

  4. I am one day closer to seeing Charlie and bringing him to LA.

  5. I got a callback for an indie feature role I auditioned for two weeks ago.

  6. I did laundry with Tide unscented and my fresh sheets are like clouds. I also have essential oils for my pillows.

  7. The organic frozen blueberries from Whole Foods 365 are next level.

  8. The men in LA are kinder to me than the ones in New York.

  9. The draconian abortion bans in Alabama and Georgia are mobilizing the Democratic base, and waking up pro choice advocates to the reality of the situation.

  10. There is an abundance of quiet. I live in a quiet apartment on a quiet street in a quiet part of town. FOR YEARS, my biggest issue with New York (ok, top 5) was the noise. I couldn’t handle it. I didn’t want to handle it. Now I have near silence and it’s intense. The effect on me is one I can’t yet fully describe, and is probably exacerbated by the fact I don’t have Charlie with me yet (or cable).