An Orange Dropped from the Tree

Good Saturday morning!

Here is yesterday’s post:


Any No to what you don’t want is a Yes to new possibilities.

Today I issued a strong No in my personal life.

I stopped there :)

I couldn’t write about it yet. Too soon.

Sometimes the best choices, the “wise mind,” decisions, the “contrary action” comes with pain. It might be as simple as the pain of being in unfamiliar territory, with all that kicks up inside. It might be the pain of loss, of grief.

I’ve been reminded lately that it is takes time to grieve the loss of someone.

For many years I frayed a cord that needed to be cut. The image is one of peeling or shaving it to the point at which there are tendrils, but still a connection.

Frayed cords are dangerous.

When you cut a cord and it feels like an emotional power outage, that is also hard but ultimately if you’re disconnecting from a source that is not good for you anymore, soon you start to feel better.


I go to the ocean for a connection to Source. It is the most consistent ritual of spiritual connection I’ve had since coming to LA almost six weeks ago. I am grateful that I am no longer at a point in my life where I would want this vast expression of mother nature to swallow me up until I disappear.

I cut the cord to keep my ocean sacred.

What I am offering you here is an opportunity to connect with yourself. I am nudging you gently to dive in and write…for yourself. For others? We share so many common experiences and feelings.

Today, I am praying for a chance to see more healers.

I cut a cord. I have healing to do.

The reiki, massage, breath work, shamanic quests, chakra balancers, therapy, dance, music, Charlie…I am here for it all. We call in the healers we are meant to work with and experience when we’re ready.

My life is so different now. An orange dropped from the tree in my backyard. I delighted in it like a child. My friend was with me and I asked,

Did you see that?!

Yes, you have an orange tree.

Yes!!! I do. Can I eat it?

I’m still not sure. It’s in my fridge. I suppose it’s real.


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