“Be aware of yourself as you are without judgment. See what is. You have no further problem. The most important thing is self remembering. You have to let yourself wake up. Become liberated.” ~Alan Watts

I came across this verse while listening to DJ Taz Rashid, who samples it in his 2017 yogic house tune Sitting on Wings.

“You must be simply awake and relaxed.”

I’ll take it.

The path to awakening is paved with many options. Between the yoga, the meditation, the life coaches, your workout gurus, therapists, digital courses, “self made” instagram stars, shamans, celebs, TEDx speakers, artists, poets…There are many people to learn from and many paths to becoming.

Many, many, many.

What you sift through and see through, where you put your point of focus in each moment, becomes habitual. When we are patterned we become asleep.

It’s wonderful to break out of routine. To do something that jolts you out of auto pilot.

But what does it mean to be awake? Does it mean you know who you are and why you’re here, your purpose? Does someone who has manifested their dreams, accomplished their goals, created and received what they asked for (either from ego or soul piloting) — does that make them more awake than a person still struggling to leave poverty, find love, or realize their purpose?

“Awake. Be the witness of your thoughts. You are what observes, not what you observe.” ~Buddha

One of my favorite teachers remains Tara Brach. Her meditation/dharma talk podcasts have been part of my digital diet for over a decade.

The reorganization that is happening below the surface since my move to the west coast six weeks ago gives me the good kind of chills. I know that I am transforming and that the letting go process, something of an untangling of old habits, ways, and patterns, is setting my spirit free.

I think that is all I’ve ever really wanted.