So Much Love, Plenty of Time

To do so much that I love in one day…….

I woke up at 5:30am and after meditating, brewed and drank my near-perfect coffee.

Then I went and taught a barre class.

After that I took a dance class.

The woman dancing behind went out of her way to compliment me, ask me who I am and thanked me for dancing in front of her. I nearly cried, because I made a decision to come back to dance since moving to LA and have been taking two dance classes a week. It has been uncomfortable for me! But the classes have already made a big difference. I’m also taking more barre and even some Pilates.


I shared my Hakuna Matata tee shirt, semi firm semi fleshy belly, and upbeat Memorial Day feels.

I helped an actress with her self tape.

I made a homemade lunch.

I felt feelings brewing. I jogged to the ocean listening to Beyonce’s HOMECOMING without earbuds.

I stopped at the library because I am going to get a library card.

The ocean greeted me and immediately I am not worthy of this show.

It is too vast. Too good. Too beautiful.






Let go.


Shared the quotes that resonated.

I reached out to friends and spoke my truth.

I asked for what I wanted.

I sang alone at home.

I shared a song and some music history on Instagram. Happy Birthday, Dulcinea, I am listening to you now.

I took a long, hot shower.

I let the fear wash away.

The fear that distorts reality.

When it washes away,

everything softens.