Lindsay is a wonderful writer - clever, smart and totally thorough. I send many of my clients her way to have their websites and marketing materials written, and she nails it every time. If you're looking for a copywriter to help develop your brand, Lindsay is your woman! ~Michelle Goldblum, Founder, I AM. creative 

Lindsay is a consummate professional coach and a detail orientated dynamo. She combines her unique gifts of intuition and organization to help you keep yourself together and yet expansive in your own creative vibrations, and ground the ideas into real results. There are gems out there, that no one can reproduce in the way they work. Lindsay is one of them, and I'm honored to have the privilege to create together. ~Jaime Summers, Author

In addition to her passion and discipline for language and the written word, Lindsay B. Davis is a master of nuance. Her ability to take big picture ideas or concepts and distill them into relatable, penetrating, content is her Universe given gift. ~Jazz Biancci, Lifestyle Consigliere & Founder, Soulesque

My experience working with Lindsay B Davis is we usually sip some tea, laugh our faces off, and then write those words onto a computer. She is a tireless worker and has a big heart. All the right ingredients to put out great scripts for plays, films, web series, etc.  -Omar Bustamante, Actor/Writer

I have had the honor and privilege of hiring Lindsay B. Davis on several musical comedy projects for her direction and overall creative input. Ms. Davis has a unique and rare eye for talent, direction and writing. Her diverse gifts had a tremendously positive impact on the success of my award-winning solo show. Lindsay is a gem in the entertainment industry with an endless depth of creativity. I rarely trust anyone, but I trust LBD. She has and will continue to be my 'go-to' for projects. Get her while you can! ~Carolann Valentino, Actress/Singer/Producer

As a writer and director, I am continuously inspired by Lindsay's innate ability to illuminate the human condition with such grace and unapologetic honesty. -Jimmy T. Martin, Writer/Actor/Director

Lindsay B. Davis is a supportive, creative and talented director. Her acting experience allows her to connect to actors in a way most directors can not. She understands the process of character creation and does an excellent job at cultivating an open and safe environment for actors to explore and create characters true to the story. She is a rockstar! -Austin Michael Young, Actor/Model

I absolutely loved working with Lindsay.  She took my words and my intention and brought life to them in a way I never could have myself. She is very approachable and takes the time to understand what you want to get across in writing to clearly exhibit what you have to offer. If you are looking to hire a writer or editor, Lindsay is the best! -Marisa Merliss, Fitness Professional/Model/Performing Artist

"'Bad Dates in the City' was so funny! As a single person wanting to find love or even a connection with someone in NYC you can totally relate to the story with humor and poignancy." -Vincent Ford, Actor/Comedian/Producer/Writer